Thursday, January 11, 2007

I love being a geek

When I bought my latest computer, I got a Dell (yeah I know, dude I got a Dell...) XPS410 with Windows XP Media Center and it came with a tv tuner. It was super cool, I could watch TV while I surfed the web and chat with friends. And the coolest thing was I could record tv shows to my hard drive! Not only that, but I signed up with, which allows me to watch tv from ANY internet connected computer, as long as my computer is on at home! So last October when I went on my trip to Chattanooga, Mom and I were able to watch All My Children that my computer recorded for me in the hotel room! It was so awesome!

Well as time went by, I realized I wanted to be able to record shows at once, or record a show and watch a different channel at the same time. But the tuner was only a single. I could have gotten a dual tv tuner when I ordered my Dell, but I didn't. Wasnt thinking! So today I installed a dual TV tuner on my computer so I could watch and record two channels at once on my computer. The hardest part was figuring out which slot to put it in, because the original tv tuner was a different type of card. But it went off without a hitch! No problems. I am so glad God blessed me with a brain. I save so much money doing this crap myself. The Geek Squad would have charged me a fortune!

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