Sunday, January 07, 2007

I hate returns

Gees, with as much shopping online as I do, there is bound to be times that I have to return stuff that is either the wrong size (which is usually the case), wrong color, or just plain WRONG! Also, when I do go shopping at stores like Target, Sears, etc. I have to return things because I never try on at the store, it's just TOO tiring for me. Well today was a ultra mega return day.

Last month I ordered from I bought a new digital camera, the Easyshare V610. Pretty neat, it's sleek and black, has a huge LCD screen, 6.1 megapixels, dual lens technology, 10X optical zoom, and neat video capability. It also came with a free 1GB memory card. With the camera, I also ordered the printer dock which came with a free travel case, and an accessory pack which included a case for the camera and a beautiful beaded neckchain and wrist chain. Well, the case did not fit the camera, despite what the website said. I was peeved because I didnt want to pay for return shipping, when it wasn't my fault that the case didnt fit. But I had no other choice. I also decided I didnt really need the printer, so I went to Office Depot today to return the accessory kit and printer/case via UPS. Cost 10 bux to ship, but should get back around $170.

I also made an order at last month. I saw in the local weekly ad in the paper a button up cardigan sweater that came in vanilla and also in black. I was going to go to the store to buy it, but when I checked online it was actually CHEAPER to buy it online. So I ordered one vanilla and one black. When the package arrived, to my dismay the vanilla sweater was there, but the black sweater was not. In its place was, get this...a corningware bowl. WHAT??? So I called customer service, and was told to take the bowl to the nearest Kmart and tell them that there was a mistake, and that I would like a refund of the sweater I did not receive. Well, I went today to the Kmart down the road, and guess what, NO SATISFACTION. The lady was rude and unfriendly, telling me she couldn't do anything because I didn't have the sweater. HELLO! That's why I'm here dummy! So I don't know what is going to happen now. I emailed customer service for the website and we'll see.

Lastly, I bought some clothes (two sweaters and a pair of pants) in the girl's department at Super Target in September, and later decided I didn't want them, but didn't get around to taking them back until today. Unfortunately, the receipt expired two weeks ago and they would not give me a refund, NOT EVEN a store credit. So I'm out almost 50 bucks. I know it's my fault for waiting too long, but I'm still mad about it. I'll not make that mistake again.

So anyway, didn't buy anything today, too p.o.'d and tired. I wanted to go to Joann's and use the gift card my good bud Patti gave me, but was exhausted and headachy from dealing with surly people. Maybe I can go by myself this week, and get some use out of that hot red scooter sitting in my garage...

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