Wednesday, June 10, 2009

One Down, Three to GO!!

The Magic beat the Lakers!!! YAYAYAY!! Boyfriend and I stayed up late to watch the game and it was well worth it to see our boys give it to those silly Lakers. Oh please let the Magic get some respect now...

Oh and I joined Twitter today, in the hopes of winning tickets to tomorrow night's game. I have added Twitter updates to my blog at the right, not that I will be tweeting all the time, as my life is not as exciting as say Dwight Howard or Ashton Kutcher...But who knows, there might be something interesting that happens that I just HAVE to tweet


Friday, June 05, 2009


Ok so Boyfriend and I watched the Magic against the Lakers last night, and it started off good, but then at the half the Magic were down ten points. We got a bad feeling and I needed something to do to keep my hands busy because I was so nervous. So I got out some yard skeins I bought at at the beginning of December and started winding them into balls so I can eventually start on another afghan. Oh and I cut my finger with scissors opening the box (OMG can't believe I hadn't even opened the package since December...sigh), ouch!

Well not to turn this blog into a sports blog, but they lost, by a lot (25 points). I'm sad today. I hope they take that beating and use it as inspiration to kick the pants off of the Lakers on Sunday...If they get swept they will never get the respect they deserve.

I only got five balls wound, man that hurts my wrists and arms...I'm such a wimp...