Tuesday, December 15, 2009

And She Reappears...

Hi all, once again I space out and don't update my blog. Spending way too much time looking at other people's blogs and not taking care of my own! Not to mention the fact I have been LESS than creative for a long time. My sewing room is still a disaster area, as it had turned into a storage unit for things I didn't know what to do with as my boyfriend and I clear the clutter and junk from our tiny home.

In my blog surfing I have come across several organizing blogs which I will post in a couple days, but I just signed up today for 52 Missions, which is a program that gives you a 30 minute mission a week to organize and streamline your life and stuff. And boy I could use all the help I can get.

My dear boyfriend JD has really helped me re-evaluate the stuff I've held onto for so long, like electronics and computer parts/software that are OLD as the hills, and other things like clothes I never wore and still had the tags. He helped me release these things and slowly our home is getting easier to take care of and clean, which is good for him since I am unable to do most of the housework due to my respiratory problems. Sometimes it seems like he's trying to get rid of all my stuff but I realize that I don't need it and its just taking up valuable real estate (and collecting dust...).

We are saving the sewing room for last since it is the biggest, scariest room in the house. We worked a bit in it last week but I got tired both physically and emotionally. I gave an old sewing machine and serger away to a classmate of his who also sews, and she was super-thrilled. Plus it gave me about nine cubic feet of space back!

I am too embarrassed to show pictures of the sewing room, so I won't. It is better than it was, but there's still stuff on the cutting table, stuff in a pile on the floor, and stuff spread out on the pressing area. Its STUFF STUFF and MORE STUFF! And it will be the hardest to let go of, which is why I'm putting it off.

I want so desperately though to get it in order, so I can get back to what I love, sewing. I recently bought the new Maggie pattern from Lazy Girl Designs, and I'm hoping to make one this century...lol!

Anyway, hope you all have a Merry Christmas if I don't get back on before then...Take care.