Wednesday, May 27, 2009


OMG what a tense basketball game last night. The Orlando Magic are now leading the series 3-1 against Cleveland for the Eastern Conference Finals!! Boyfriend has now made me a Orlando Magic fan like him, although my mom and I watched them in 1994-1995 when Penny Hardaway and Shaq helped the team win the Eastern Conference title and then were stomped by the Houston Rockets who swept them 4-0 for the NBA championship title.

I am hoping against hope that the Magic can beat those silly Cavaliers to win the Eastern Conference and then go on to beat whoever is going to win the Western Conference (will it be the Lakers or the Nuggets?? MMM nuggets...I want Wendy's chicken nuggets...)

The last game Boyfriend and I went to was in the first series against Philadelphia, and were heartbroken when they lost that game. But we came back and won that series! We couldnt get tickets to any of the games against Boston, and forget the home games against Cleveland! They sold out in 6 minutes!! We did get t-shirts though at the game against Philadelphia, although they are XL and I am more like an XS...I told Boyfriend if we beat Cleveland in the Eastern Conference Finals I am cutting down my shirt to make it fit, so I can wear it with PRIDE!! He laughed and said make it a tiny bikini...MEN...

Anyway, GO MAGIC!

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Treasa said...

Nice to see you back. :)