Sunday, March 18, 2007

Quilting again!

Yesterday was National Quilting Day, however I never made it into the sewing room. Oh well, today I spent about three hours in there working on my Cinnamon O's quilt. I've got both the brown and the red sets of 3.5 inch squares done, which means the 2 inch background squares have been added to opposing corners of each colored square. I still have the aqua, golden tan and light green ones to finish, then I will create each O. Each O takes 4 of the 3.5 inch squares. I thought about making the O's as I finished each colorway, but I get in a zone and chain piecing is so fast, I think I'd rather get all the individual pieces done, then make the O's. But I could change my mind. We'll see.

I bought fabric for a new mystery called Four Patch Frenzy, and two clues have been posted for it, but I haven't cut into the fabric yet! I hope I have a chance to do that this week, because this weekend all the clues will be posted, and I don't want to fall way behind and not finish with the other quilters. Here's hoping.

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