Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day Wknd

Ah yes, a wonderful 3 day weekend. Got to see my friends Rob, Steve and Rich play on Saturday night at Kitty O'shea's, a great little bar near Disney. Had lots of fun. Two of my closest friends who have been estranged for several years actually got along. It was great, because I have felt like I was in the middle, trying to be friends with both of them.

Mom came over as usual, and we got to spend some time planning our trip to Chattanooga, TN and Georgia. She also fed her little muscovy duck family (the third little group of babies in 2 years) and we had two peacocks join in. My back yard is like Wild Kingdom sometimes. There are several older Muscovy ducks who always stop by along with a strange black and white duck we've nicknamed Oreo.

Unfortunately the weekend is almost over and work begins again tomorrow. I have an early morning meeting at the City of Winter Springs with the Development Review Committee for one of our latest townhome projects. I am sittting in for my boss who is on vacation for two weeks. I am so nervous, afraid they will ask me questions and I will look like a dip. But we reviewed the comments before he left, so I am sort of prepared.

I wanted to do some sewing this weekend, but had to take my Designer SE to the dealer because the needle threader is broken. My favorite sales lady Donna tried to fix it for me there but was unable, so she will take it to her husband who is the tech for the dealer. At least she tried. I also dropped off my serger which isnt working right either.

I still have my Designer 1 so I may go in my sewing room and use it, but Im exhausted after washing my hair. Tough being a respiratory patient.

More later...

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